April 29th, 2011

never fear

We always hear on today's news how horrible we are. How bad off. High gas prices. Rape, murder, death. Terrorists want our ass...BAD. 9/11 was the biggest thing since Pearl Harbor the media tells us. For that we sent 750,000+ troops halfway around the world as well ass $1,000,000,000,000 TRILLION in equipment and weapons half way round the world and have tried to help the FUCKING WORLD! Yes we want them to be like us, politically. we want them to be like us socially, we have an arrogance problem and a bit of a GOD complex as a country. Our poor live better than most of the world, and have more benefits at their disposal. All this aside i would love to see the U.S. ( who is in financial crisis) pull back a bit. We don't need the oil. Canada supplies most of ours now. We also have massive amounts in our country, we just want to use other sources first. We don't need the land, we have ours. we only have the imported goods, which make our lives easier, fine, do that. As far as our military machine...we need to be more selective in who we defend. our allies (Canada, UK, Austrailia and Israel to name a few) need to be defended and have the right to call on our aid at any time for any reason. They were there for us, disagreement or not...we should be there for them. However we need to preserve our country and way of life. I get that we live a life of extravagance but we are paying for it. our military needs to come home and take care of their families. let the terrorist attack us, they will never break us or our will. people will die. what makes a civilian life worse than a professional soldier? well, the soldier chose their fate, a civilian was taken off guard. OK, I can see this argument. However, I disagree. I am always on the lookout for potential violence when I'm in the city. we should all be. fuck the world take care of ours, compassion is overrated. kill them all and let got sort them out!