chaosreality (chaosreality) wrote,

Not sure if it's stress or not. Not sleeping well, very moody, hating life and pissed off at most of it most of the time...but for no reason. Let me clarify that, nothing sets me off and makes me mad, I just am. For those who know, I have a new living situation in my household, my girls best friend and her 2 boys. I don't think the interruption in my routine is helping my moods. Just really starting to develop a real "fuck it" attitude. My girl will complain and my response is just "Shut up and deal with it I have to". That normally is not me,I am pretty caring and understanding but seriously, if I'm not bitching and complaining no one else should, after all it is my house. I hate only having rants on my posts but I am seriously going bat shit. No time for just me, no quiet, totally fucked up routine....enough that I would rather be at work, working long hours on the holidays than be home. shit.

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