chaosreality (chaosreality) wrote,

Roommate is pissed at GF. GF is pissed at me. Roommate is pissed at me, by proxy. I am pissed at GF. Gf is pissed at roommate. I am not sure what the fuck to do now. I have an idea... most of them are illegal in most if not all states and countries. I think....

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    We always hear on today's news how horrible we are. How bad off. High gas prices. Rape, murder, death. Terrorists want our ass...BAD. 9/11 was the…

  • Writer's Block: Must Have Gadget

    Samsung vibrant from t-mobile. Its a comp in your hand. Nice

  • You have to be kidding

    Well, it seems that finding and air conditioner mounting bracket that does not screw into the wall or trim is sorta like Elvis. There are reports of…

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